Liverpool MIG nole, Spain goalkeeper on loan at Naples

6 Dec 2013

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“All of the rumors are false, the reality is nothing. As I said, Paris Saint Germain is the first choice of my life, so I will be the last one to leave the players here.” Pastoret said in an interview, “I will be in Paris Saint Germain strive for the best, I know that in my position, there are many excellent players, but I would never lower the head.” Miss Pastoret, Liverpool winter window period can only find another target, or the British media “fast sports” message, said Rodgers fancy granite Zaka, he may with the price of 10000000 pounds in the transfer window to join liverpool. Zaka is 21 years old, the Swiss International, debuted in Basel, joined the Monchengladbach last summer.

Zaka is one of the most outstanding Swiss player, in 2012 was named the country’s best player, who led the Swiss team U21 in 2011 reached the European Championship final. Needs to be pointed out is, this season Zaka performance in general, the German 13 League appearances with only 1 assists, if he continued to behave this way, want to the main identity represented Switzerland at next summer in Brazil’s World Cup possibility very little, so the Zaka to change teams adjust state, in midfield and lack of Liverpool is a good choice. From the aspects of “mirror”, the British media disclosure, this season has not yet iftar Aspas next January will leave Liverpool, on loan to Valencia, clear the former CELTA star Anfield will end in failure.

As for Pepe Reina, Liverpool MIG nole, the Spanish goalkeeper on loan to Naples, has already announced that he is “death” in Enfield, it is only a matter of time past, the Premier League Liverpool patron saint of three time Gold Glove winner permanent departure, said recently he accepts when the interview, he is very happy to return to Barcelona, “I am very happy to return to Barcelona, in Barcelona play is a kind of glory, but I think, my name is sure and other people in Barcelona transfer list. Barcelona are a top club, Valdez has declared to leave, so they are in a difficult situation. Now I haven’t thought about Barcelona after things, but I am very honored to be able to pass through a Barca shirt, but now I want to do well in naples.”




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